Rinshan Kaihou Cologne
Riichi Mahjong Club

Members of Rinshan Kaihou Cologne

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The list is updated as new players join. The current club members are:


Manuel came into contact with Riichi mahjong in 2014 and is since then busy playing international tournaments. When not brewing any news concoction, hey plays mahjong and cooks. His dream is an autotable from AMOS and a visit to a jansou in Japan. Manuel speaks German, English, French, Dutch, Luxembourgish and Japanese. He welcomes players from all nationalities.


Fränk came into contact with Riichi Mahjong in 2015 by Manuel. Painting with acrylic colours and playing music is one of his hobbies, as well as playing video games and using his experience from his apprenticeship for video game creations. Fränk speaks fluently Luxembourgish, German, English and French. He also has a good understanding by hearing of the Dutch language.


Thai “0xReki”

Thai speaks English, German and Vietnamese.



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